Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Review

Sleep experts agree that weighted blankets can help promote a healthy sleep routine, reduce stress and ease symptoms for those with insomnia, anxiety or autism. Weighted blankets use a fill material, such as glass or plastic beads, to deliver deep-pressure simulation, which is thought to stimulate serotonin, the mood-boosting hormone; reduce cortisol, the stress hormone; and increase melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone.

If you’re among the 70 percent of adults who experience occasional sleep issues, you may want to consider a weighted blanket like Sleepgram. In this review, we’ll cover pros and cons, construction details, quality and even compare it to other top weighted blanket brands, so you can make the most informed decision about one of the most important parts of good health: A good night’s sleep.

Last Updated May 2024

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket
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Reversible weighted blanket keeps you cool in heat & warm in cold
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The Sleepgram Weighted Blanket

The Sleepgram reversible weighted blanket is a unique sleep solution that is designed to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and enhance sleep. The hug-like feel comes from high-density glass nano beads, which create a therapeutic pressure known as deep touch pressure therapy, calming nerves and imitating your body’s chemical response to being hugged. 

Sleepgram’s weighted blanket is available in two weight options and features a reversible, all-season design—one side constructed with a cooling bamboo material and the other side with a warm plush material for cooler nights. The cover is removable and machine washable, and the blanket is backed by Sleepgram’s 100-night money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Types of Sleepgram Weighted Blankets

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is available in one size: 48 inches wide by 72 inches in length. Two different weight options provide optimal pressure for everyone:

  • 15-pound: Perfect for sleepers who weigh less than 160 pounds.
  • 20-pound: Provides the optimal weight for sleepers who are 160 to 250 pounds.
Pros Cons
Temperature control design features a cooling side and a plush warming side Only available in one size: 48”x72”
Two weight options provide ample pressure for all sleepers Only available in one color: Gray
Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, high-density glass nano beads
Removable, machine washable cover
Baffle box construction keeps the beads in place for even weight distribution
100-night money back guarantee
Lifetime warranty

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Details

Now that you know a little bit more about the Sleepgram weighted blanket, let’s take a closer look at the construction details.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Materials

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is made with a soft, comfortable shell, featuring 100 percent organic bamboo fiber on one side and microplush “peach skin” fabric on the other side.

High-density glass nano beads give the blanket its weight and are non-toxic and less bulky than plastic poly pellets. 

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Dimensions

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is available in one size, measuring 48 inches wide by 72 inches long; the perfect size for a single-person throw blanket. Sleepgram recommends one blanket per person for optimal weight distribution and benefits.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Weight Options

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is available in two different weight options: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. The 15-pound blanket is designed for sleepers who weigh less than 160 pounds, while the 20-pound blanket is suitable for sleepers who weigh 160 to 250 pounds.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Ages Suited For

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is suitable for adults of all ages, and children over the age of one.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Sleep Styles Suited For

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is ideal for all sleep styles, including side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers.

How to Get the Sleepgram Weighted Blanket

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is available for purchase online. It is not currently sold in stores.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Cost

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is priced at $200 for the 15-pound and $220 for the 20-pound. 

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Discounts

Sleepgram periodically offers deals and promotions on their website for their weighted blanket. Be sure to check their page for the most up-to-date and current promo codes.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Trial Period

Sleepgram offers a generous 100-night, risk-free trial for their weighted blanket. That means you have 100 nights to use the blanket, and if you decide it isn’t right for you, Sleepgram will refund your purchase price. Returns are free, too.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Warranty Policy

The Sleepgram weighted blanket comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Shipping

The Sleepgram weighted blanket ships free within the contiguous United States.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket Performance

So how does the Sleepgram weighted blanket perform when it comes to a better night sleep? Keep reading to find out.

Quality of Fill

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is filled with high-density glass nano beads. High density means that they provide the weight without the added bulk—up to 70 percent more pressure per square inch than plastic pellets—and because they’re glass, they’re non-toxic, too. 

Quality of Shell

The outer shell of the Sleepgram weighted blanket is made with high-quality materials and construction, and is fully removable and machine washable. Sleepgram backs the quality of their shell by offering a lifetime warranty on their weighted blanket—something that most manufacturers do not offer. 

Temperature Control

One of the key differentiators of the Sleepgram weighted blanket is its dual-sided construction, designed to provide year-round temperature control. One side is 100 percent organic bamboo fiber, which stays up to eight degrees cooler than cotton—perfect for summer nights or those who tend to sleep hot. The reverse side features Sleepgram’s microplush “peach skin” fabric, providing warmth for cool nights or those who sleep cold. 

Weight Options

The Sleepgram weighted blanket is available in a 15-pound option, great for sleepers who weigh less than 160 pounds, and a 20-pound option, which is recommended for sleepers 160 to 250 pounds.

Distribution of Fill

Thanks to the seven layers of quality baffle box construction, the glass nano beads stay evenly distributed throughout the blanket to provide consistent pressure.


The Sleepgram weighted blanket is made with a soft, comfortable microfleece shell. It’s removable and machine washable, rated at 1,000 washes. This shell is durable and will not tear easily.


On the outside, the Sleepgram weighted blanket is made with a reversible cover featuring a breathable organic bamboo fiber on one side and a plush microfleece material on the other. Inside is seven layers of baffle box construction, which holds the high-density glass nano beads neatly in place for even weight distribution.


Temperature control is a major concern for the majority of sleepers shopping for weighted blankets. Sleepgram took their weighted blanket to the next level by designing a dual-sided approach, with a cooling bamboo side that sleeps cooler than cotton, and a soft-to-the-touch microfiber layer on the flip side to keep you warm and cozy on cool nights.

The glass nano beads inside are secured in place with Sleepgram’s baffle box construction, ensuring even weight distribution for maximum benefits.


The Sleepgram weighted blanket comes in at $200 for the 15-pound option, which is on the higher end for some weighted blankets. However, it features Sleepgram’s unique temperature control technology, a removable, machine washable cover and baffle box construction for even weight distribution. A 100-night risk-free trial and lifetime warranty seal the deal, making the Sleepgram weighted blanket an excellent value for the money.


One of the most exciting features of the Sleepgram weighted blanket is its temperature control technology, designed for cooling comfort on one side and plush warmth on the other, thanks to high-quality, specialized materials such as organic bamboo fiber, which sleeps up to eight degrees cooler than cotton.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket vs. Other Brands

We know how important it is to comparison shop when it comes to big purchases, so we’ve lined up a few top competitors to see how the Sleepgram weighted blanket stacks up:

Sleepgram vs Gravity Blanket

First up, let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between Sleepgram and Gravity. At $250, the Gravity weighted blanket has a higher price point than Sleepgram. Gravity’s weighted blanket is available in more size and color options, and while it does have gridded stitching to keep the glass beads in place, it’s not the same quality of Sleepgram’s seven-layer baffle box construction. When it comes to temperature control, Gravity’s original weighted blanket does not have dual-sided cooling technology like Sleepgram does, although they sell a separate weighted blanket that is cooling only (not dual-sided). Comparing warranty and return policies, Sleepgram comes out ahead with a lifetime warranty and 100-night trial, while Gravity offers a 30-day return policy and no warranty on their blankets

Sleepgram vs Miracle Blanket

Sleepgram is a traditional weighted blanket designed for use by adults and children over the age of one. Miracle Blanket is not a weighted blanket; it is a swaddling blanket designed to help prevent your baby’s natural startle reflex when falling asleep, helping them sleep better, and it mimics the comforting feeling of touch by wrapping them in a secure swaddle.

Sleepgram vs Casper Weighted Blanket

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between these two major weighted blanket brands. Casper, priced between $169 and $189, offers three weight options and multiple color options for their weighted blankets. While there is a channel-type construction designed to maintain even weight distribution, there is no cooling technology in the Casper weighted blanket. Casper’s blanket is spot-clean only, while Sleepgram’s has a removable, machine washable cover. Compared to Sleepgram, Casper’s warranty and sleep trial come up short, with only a 30-day trial and one-year warranty, versus Sleepgram’s 100-night trial and lifetime warranty. So although Sleepgram’s weighted blanket is priced slightly higher, it offers a few benefits that Casper doesn’t: Dual-sided construction for temperature control, a removable, machine washable cover and a more generous sleep trial and warranty.

Our Verdict

Sleepgram does one thing, and one thing only: Sleep accessories. They’ve made it their mission to use the power of sleep science and technology to dream up the best features for your best night sleep, and their weighted blanket is a prime example of that. 

It’s constructed of high-quality materials and comes with a lifetime warranty and unprecedented 100-night sleep trial—what other blanket can say that? We also love that the Sleepgram weighted blanket is machine washable and reversible, providing year-round comfort no matter the season—a dream come true for sleepers who put temperature control at the top of the list.

Sleepgram Weighted Blanket FAQ

What is the difference between Sleepgram and other weighted blanket brands?

Sleepgram has a few key features that set it apart from other weighted blanket brands:

  • Cooling technology: Sleepgram designed their weighted blanket with two sides for year-round comfort—a breathable bamboo side to keep you cool, and a plush microfiber side to keep you warm and toasty. 
  • Bead type: High-density glass nano beads are non-toxic and provide more pressure per square inch than plastic beads, without the bulk.
  • Baffle box construction: Specialized stitching keeps the nano beads in place for even weight distribution.
  • Sleep trial: Sleepgram offers customers a full 100-night, risk-free trial, plus free returns.
  • Warranty: A lifetime warranty protects your Sleepgram weighted blanket from any manufacturer defects.

Are Sleepgram’s weighted blankets free from toxins and harmful chemicals?

All of Sleepgram’s products, including their weighted blanket, are certified and tested thoroughly to be free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Are Sleepgram’s weighted blankets ethically sourced?

Sleepgram’s weighted blanket is ethically sourced. The company ensures that the materials used in their products are sourced in accordance with their high sustainability standards and are 100 percent cruelty free.

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