Nolah Mattress Review

The Nolah Evolution features a patented HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ coils, offering targeted back support and responsive pressure relief. Meanwhile, the advanced ArcticTex™ cover, breathable Euro topper, and graphite-infused and zoned AirFoam TM provide luxurious cushioning and best-in-class cooling..

Last Updated May 2024

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Firmness: Plush, Luxury firm, & Firm options
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Materials: Foam, Hybrid
Design: ArcticTex™ cover, zoned AirFoam™, & HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ coils
Trial Period: 120 nights
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Shipping: Free shipping & returns

Nolah Mattress Review: Is It a Good Mattress for You?

If you’re in the market for a cooling, contouring, and durable new mattress made with innovative technology, you’ll want to take a look at Nolah.

Nolah is a newer “bed in a box” mattress company whose mattresses are designed with side sleepers in mind. One of their primary differentiators is their use of a high-tech material called AirFoam™ instead of memory foam. AirFoam™ avoids the heat-trapping pitfalls that are common with memory foam while providing enhanced durability and extra pressure relief with microscopic air pockets.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Nolah’s mattresses—how they’re made, what types they offer, how they compare to other brands, and more. So, if you’re curious about Nolah, we’ve got the scoop.

Nolah Mattress Overview

Nolah offers five different types of mattresses:

  1.   10” Original 
  2.   12” Signature
  3.   15” Evolution
  4.   11” Natural
  5.   10” Nurture (for kids)

All five mattress types are made in the U.S. and without memory foam or heat-trapping chemicals. They’re built for cooling sleep, superior pressure relief, and exceptional durability.

All mattresses are available in a range of sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, California king and split king. The only exception is the Nurture children’s mattress, which comes in twin, twin XL, and full.

Nolah’s website notes their mattresses are expert recommended and among the highest-rated mattresses for side sleepers in 2024.

What Are the Materials in the Nolah Mattress?

Nolah’s materials are part of what set them apart in the box mattress market. Their mattresses contain a range of high-quality materials, with the exact composition varying between mattress types. But each of their mattresses include some of the following cutting-edge materials:

AirFoam™: One of the most unique selling points about Nolah mattresses is that they are made entirely without memory foam. Instead, Nolah uses AirFoam™, a temperature-neutral, highly-resilient, air-infused polyurethane foam with billions of microscopic air pockets that act as individual shock absorbers.

It contours like memory foam while offering four times less peak pressure than traditional memory foam. It is also created to be cooler than memory foam because it is made without the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals. This material is also reported to offer more pressure relief and durability than memory foam, so it resists sagging over time.

Deep and Supportive High-Resilience Foam: Using stronger and more durable AirFoam™, these dense foam layers provide lumbar support and responsive bounce.

Tencel Covers and Organic Cotton Covers: The snow-white Tencel™ cellulosic cover on the Original is a plant-derived fiber that is a form of rayon. Organic cotton covers are used on other mattress types, including the Signature, the Natural and the Evolution. Both materials are soft, breathable and moisture-wicking to keep sleepers cool and dry.

Premium HTC™ Cooling Quilted Euro Topper: Quilted HTC (high thermal conductivity) is a topper that draws excess heat away from the body.

AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset: This material helps dissipate heat to improve breathability and enhance cooling.

Zoned AirFoamTM: This is a zoned version of Nolah’s signature AirFoamTM that is hole-punched in zones for enhanced flexibility around the shoulders and targeted firmness for the lumbar region.

Cooling Nolah AirFoamICE™: This is an advanced graphite-infused foam that accelerates cooling even faster than AirFoam™. Patented HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ Support

Coils and Reinforced Edges: These support coils are designed to offer more support than traditional coil systems. Inner coils help boost the pressure-relieving properties of the zoned AirFoamTM, and the reinforced perimeter coils add additional edge support and durability.

Natural Talalay Latex: The Natural mattress features hole-punctured, all-natural Talalay latex layers that are hypoallergenic, breathable, and cooling.


Not every mattress uses all these materials, so let’s get into how each specific mattress is put together.


Nolah Mattress Construction

Here we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what you’ll find inside each mattress:


10” Nolah Original Mattress

  1.   An AirFoam™ mattress with four layers including a high-density foam base
  2.   5 to 6/10 Firmness

Composed of:

  •   A botanic snow-white Tencel™ cover
  •   A 2” layer of AirFoam™
  •   A 1″ layer of deep and supportive high-resilience foam
  •   A 7” high-density foam base


12″ Nolah Signature Mattress

  1.   An AirFoam™ mattress with five support layers including a high-density foam base
  2.   4 to 5/10 Firmness

Composed of:

  •   A premium organic cotton cover
  •   A 2.5” layer of plush AirFoam™
  •   A 1.5” responsive support layer
  •   A 1” layer of firmer AirFoam™ for additional pressure relief
  •   A 7” high-density foam base


15” Nolah Evolution Mattress (Best Seller!)

  1.   An AirFoam™ pocketed coil hybrid with seven-layer construction
  2.   Custom Firmness: 4 to 5 (Plush), 6 to 7 (Luxury Firm), 7 to 8 (Firm)

Composed of:

  •   An organic cotton + ArcticTex™ cover
  •   A 2” premium HTC™ cooling quilted Euro topper
  •   A 2” AirBreath™ heat escape border gusset
  •   A 2” layer of AirFoamICE™
  •   A 2” of high-resilience foam
  •   A 1” layer of high-density transition foam
  •   An 8” HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ support coil system
  •   An eco-friendly foundation layer with extra-strong border fabric and carrying handles


11″ Nolah Natural Mattress

  1.   An all-natural hypo-allergenic latex hybrid with six layers and a pocketed coil base
  2.   5 to 6/10 Firmness

Composed of:

  •   An organic cotton cover
  •   An organic wool cooling layer
  •   A 2” layer of natural latex for comfort
  •   A 1” supportive Talalay latex transition layer
  •   An 8” HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ support coil system
  •   An organic wool and cotton foundation layer, with an extra-durable organic cotton bottom cover.


8″ Nolah Nurture (Kids)

  1.     A hybrid mattress designed specifically for kids that features durable coils, cushioning foam, and organic cotton and wool

2.       Flippable two-sided firmness: 4 to 5/10 on the Plush side, 6 to 7/10 on the Firm side

Composed of:

  • An organic cotton cover
  • A wool layer for cooling and breathability
  • A 1” layer of firmer foam
  • A 6” HDMax™ Tri-Zone™ support coil system
  • A 1” layer of softer foam
  • A wool layer for cooling and breathability
  • An organic cotton bottom cover

The Nolah Mattress Type

Depending on the mattress you choose you’ll have three options:

Nolah AirFoam™ Mattresses:

For an all-foam sleep experience, choose the Original or the Signature.

Nolah Hybrid Mattress:

For a foam and pocketed-coil hybrid, look at The Evolution. For a latex and pocketed-coil hybrid, opt for the Natural or the Nurture if the mattress is for a child.

Nolah Mattress Firmness:

While there is no set industry standard when it comes to firmness, most brands operate on a scale of one to 10 with one being the plushest, and 10 being the firmest. While you rarely find mattresses on either extreme end of the scale, most mattresses fall somewhere between four and eight. The same is true with Nolah.

Each Nolah mattress has a slightly different firmness level giving you some options.

  1.   The 15” Evolution has the most range with choices in Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm. 
  2.   The 12” Signature is considered plush  at a 4 to 5 firmness level.
  3.   The 10” Original and the 11” Natural are both Luxury Firm with a firmness level of 5 to 6.
  4.   The Nurture is double-sided with two firmness choices. Plush on one side with a firmness of 4 to 5 and Luxury Firm on the other at 7 to 8.

Nolah Mattress Ages Suited For

Most Nolah mattresses are suitable for all ages. The 10” Nurture is made specifically for children. The tallest mattress, the 15” Evolution, while well-suited for any sleeper, may be too tall for seniors or those with physical limitations to get in and out of comfortably if paired with a high base.

Which Sleep Position is Nolah Suited For?

The Nolah mattress is suitable for all sleeper types, however, they have built a reputation as an award-winning mattress for side sleepers.

Nolah Mattress for Side Sleepers: Side sleepers are Nolah’s key demographic. Their mattresses are designed and built with an emphasis on providing pressure relief for side sleeping. When side sleeping, the lower shoulder, hip and knee are the heaviest parts of the body, so Nolah has focused on giving extra support to these areas to provide proper spinal alignment.

Nolah Mattress for Back Sleepers: Back sleeping promotes spinal alignment and the same features that provide added support for side sleepers also make Nolah mattresses effective for back sleepers.

Nolah Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers can benefit from a slightly firmer mattress making the 15” Evolution in Firm a good choice.

Nolah Mattress Topper

The Nolah Evolution comes with a built-in Euro pillow top. But Nolah also offers a separate premium mattress topper made with the same AirFoam™ material as their mattresses and is offered in two firmness levels: Plush and Luxury Firm. It can be used with your existing mattress or added to the top of any new Nolah mattress for extra cushioning and pressure relief.

Nolah Mattress Protector

Nolah offers mattress protectors in both bamboo and organic cotton. Both are quiet, cooling and breathable but the organic cotton is waterproof, while the bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.

How to Get the Nolah Mattress

Nolah’s mattresses are available online through their website and are shipped in a box for easy setup.

Nolah Mattress Prices

At the time of this review, the Nolah Mattresses are priced as follows*:

10″ Nolah Original Mattress


  1.   Twin: $549 
  2.   Twin XL: $699
  3.   Full: $799
  4.   Queen: $899
  5.   King/ California King: $1099
  6.   Split King: $1398


12″ Nolah Signature Mattress


  1.   Twin: $849
  2.   Twin XL: $899
  3.   Full: $1099
  4.   Queen: $1299
  5.   King/ California King: $1499
  6.   Split King: $1798


15″ Nolah Evolution Mattress


  1.   Twin: $999 
  2.   Twin XL: $1199
  3.   Full: $1399
  4.   Queen: $1599
  5.   King/ California King: $1799
  6.   Split King: $2398 


11″ Nolah Natural Mattress


  1.   Twin: $999
  2.   Twin XL: $1099
  3.   Full: $1199
  4.   Queen: $1199
  5.   King/ California King: $1599
  6.   Split King: $2198


10″ Nolah Nurture (Kids)


  1.   Twin: $999
  2.   Twin XL: $999
  3.   Full: $1299


*Mattress prices are subject to fluctuation, these are the prices listed at the time of publication.

Nolah Mattress Sleep Trial

The Nolah mattress is also available with a 120-day trial period. This means that you can try out the mattress for 120 days and return it if you’re not satisfied.

Nolah Mattress Warranty

Nolah builds their mattresses to last and backs them up with a lifetime warranty so you are guaranteed years of comfortable sleep.


Nolah offers free shipping to anywhere in all 48 contiguous United States. They also offer mattress set up and/or removal for an additional fee.

Nolah Mattress Performance

The Nolah mattress performs well in a variety of categories, including:

Motion Isolation

The Nolah mattress does a great job of isolating motion. The shock-absorbent air pockets in the AirFoam™ that provide pressure relief also help reduce motion transfer so that if your partner gets up in the middle of the night, you won’t be disturbed.

Pressure Relief

Nolah mattresses provide excellent pressure relief. The AirFoam™ used in Nolah’s foam mattresses contains compressed air pockets that redistribute your body weight. This function decreases the pressure around the heavier parts of your body, in order to relieve pressure points. The Talalay latex used in Nolah’s natural mattresses have a similar air-pocketed composition, offering unbeatable pressure relief. 

Temperature Control

Another key component of Nolah mattresses is their cooling capabilities. From temperature-neutral AirFoam™ and Talalay latex to the AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset and breathable covers, Nolah has built in multiple features to ensure cool, comfortable sleep.

Edge Support

Nolah mattresses have good edge support. Again, AirFoam™ is naturally resilient and offers more perimeter support than many other memory foam mattresses. However, for those that want maximum edge support, the 15” Evolution with HDMax™ coils is probably the best option.

Ease of Movement

The Nolah mattress is easy to move on, both AirFoam™ and latex help avoid “sinkholes,” enabling you to get in and out of bed easily.


AirFoam™ is created to be more durable than traditional memory foam. When paired with either a high-density foam base or a pocketed coil system, Nolah mattresses are built to be exceptionally durable, as reflected in the company’s Lifetime Warranty. For their natural mattresses, Nolah uses Talalay latex, one of the strongest forms of the natural material.


Nolah mattresses are very quiet. The quietest choice is either the Original or Signature, both of which are built with high-density foam bases. However, the Evolution, Natural, and Nurture use coiled systems that are individually pocketed, which also greatly reduces the noise one would hear from a traditional innerspring.


Any of Nolah’s mattresses will be comfortable for couples who want to have sex. They are easy to move on and quiet. Couples that want a little more spring will likely benefit from the hybrid models, the Evolution and the Natural.


Because they use AirFoam™ or latex rather than memory foam, Nolah mattresses have very little off-gassing after unboxing.

Pain Relief

Nolah mattresses can help to relieve pain. This is because they contour your body while providing support, weight distribution and pressure relief.

Nolah Mattress vs Other Brands

Now that we’ve gone over what Nolah mattresses have to offer, let’s compare themto some other popular brands.

Nolah vs Bear Mattress

Both Nolah and Bear mattresses have had their share of accolades. But Bear uses memory foam while Nolah uses AirFoam™, so there will be a difference in feel and responsiveness. Bear also has multiple foam and hybrid options available, and like Nolah they offer a Lifetime Warranty and 120-night home trial. Bear also offers a premium foam mattress that uses copper for added cooling and their 10” model is available at a slightly lower price point than the Nolah 10” Original.

Nolah vs Nectar Mattress

Nectar has been a prominent name in the box mattress space for a while. They have numerous positive reviews, but like most other box brands their mattresses heavily feature memory foam. While having some similar benefits to memory foam, Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam™ does offer slightly different advantages such as better cooling and pressure relief. Nectar also offers a “Forever Warranty” and they have a longer trial period of 365 days. Nectar does not offer hybrid options at this time. Nectar’s original Queen mattress is also available slightly cheaper than Nolah’s Original.

Nolah vs Layla Mattress

Layla also has both memory foam and hybrid options, with memory foam that features copper for cooling and variable support. The copper is also intended to have antimicrobial properties that help keep the mattress fresh. It is also double-sided, making it flippable to choose your preferred firmness level. While Layla’s memory foam benefits from the inclusion of copper it doesn’t have the same qualities you’d find in the AirFoam™ composition of a Nolah. Like Nolah, Layla also has a 120-night home trial period and a Lifetime Warranty. Their 10.5” mattress is also slightly more expensive than the Nolah 10” Original.

Nolah Company Information

Nolah came to market in 2015 with its flagship mattress, the Nolah Original. Nolah is headquartered in Texas.

Customer Service Information

The best way to contact Nolah is through their website. They have a phone number, email address, and live chat that you can use to get in touch with them.

Additional Products and Accessories

Nolah also offers everything you need to make your ideal bed. There are three types of bed frames, platform, adjustable, and adjustable with built-in head and foot massage functions. Nolah also sells mattress protectors and pads, bamboo sheets, comforters, blankets and pillows.

Bottom Line

The Nolah mattress is a great choice for people who enjoy the contouring comfort of a memory foam mattress but want something that sleeps cooler, provides better pressure relief, and lasts longer . If you enjoy the idea of sleeping on a mattress made with high-tech materials that combines the best qualities of memory foam with next-generation advantages, Nolah may just be for you.


Where are Nolah mattresses made?

Nolah’s mattresses are made in the U.S and the company is based in Texas. All of the raw materials are sourced from traditional, family-owned U.S suppliers. This commitment to domestic manufacturing ensures that each Nolah mattress is held to the highest quality standards.

Where to buy the Nolah mattress?

Nolah offers direct-to-consumer (DTC) pricing, meaning they cut out the costly bids to advertise in retail stores and sell directly to you. This business model has led Nolah to sell luxury products at an affordable price.

To purchase a Nolah mattress, you can go to their website

How soft is the Nolah mattress?

The softness of a Nolah mattress varies between types. All models have contouring and comfort but the softest choice is the Plush Evolution. 

How heavy is a Nolah mattress?

Nolah mattresses weigh between 46 and 149 pounds, depending on the size and model.

Are Nolah mattresses toxic?

No. Nolah mattresses contain no toxic chemicals and are fiber-glass free. They are also CertiPUR-US® certified, which means that they have been tested for safety and environmental impact.

Can you flip a Nolah mattress?

The Nolah Nurture mattress can be flipped. It is recommended that you rotate the mattress every six months and flip it every three months. This will help to ensure even wear and tear.


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