If you want a straighter smile without the hassle of all the office visits, Candid is a no-brainer. Candid brings teeth straightening to the 21st century with discreet clear aligners and orthodontist-directed care via an easy-to-use app. Featuring remote check-ins and ongoing access to expert orthodontists, Candid’s convenient approach is sure to put a (straighter) smile on your face.

Last Updated May 2024

Pros Cons
Treatment designed & directed by orthodontists only Works to straighten mild to moderate alignment issues; people with more severe cases may not qualify
Remote monitoring via an easy-to-use app Retainers are recommended for indefinite use, but only one set is included in the cost of treatment
Patient check-ins every 10 to 14 days Financing not available, although Candid is in-network for most dental insurance providers and also accepts FSA or HSA accounts, making it very affordable
Free assessment in a Candid Studio, or full refund on a starter kit if you’re not a candidate
Aligners made from a premium BPA- and phthalate-free thermoplastic—they’re durable & stain-resistant
Treatment duration is fast—about six months
Free whitening treatment included
Support available 7 days a week
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Works exclusively with orthodontists to design treatment & direct care
Remote monitoring technology, including 10 to 14-day check ins with an orthodontist
Average treatment time is 6 months
Full refund if you’re not a candidate for treatment
3D preview of your predicted smile before ordering aligners
Free whitening foam with aligner purchase
Financing and HSA/FSA possible through provider
Support available 7 days a week

What Are Candid Invisible Braces?

You wish your teeth were straighter. (You wouldn’t mind if they were a little whiter, too.) But you cringe at the memory of those metal brackets—so. many. metal. brackets—you had as a kid. And the pokey, gum-gashing wires. And the continuous visits to the orthodontist…

Consider Candid your tooth-fairy godmother. Their teeth-straightening aligners are clear—so you can get that smile you want, minus all the metal. They come with a gentle whitening foam that brightens your teeth, without irritating your gums. And the best part is you get expert orthodontic care from start to finish—with no inconvenience of in-office visits. That is what sets Candid apart from other at-home options: They work exclusively with orthodontists, not general dentists or other dental professionals. Why is that a big deal? Because orthodontists are specifically trained to correct irregular alignments in your teeth and jaw—and the team at Candid has an average of 20 years of experience, are experts in invisible braces treatments, and are trained in cutting-edge remote care.

With orthodontist oversight, you can expect more comprehensive care. They consider a combination of digital images, photos and impressions, as well as your medical and dental history when assessing if you are a good candidate for invisible braces. They also require that users have had a dental checkup within the past year to make sure there aren’t any cavities or decay present, and that their gums are healthy enough for orthodontic teeth movement. Candid orthodontists will only prescribe treatment if they can do so safely and effectively. What they don’t promise, however, is super speed: According to Candid, it takes an average of six months to see results. But each plan is individualized—it will only move your teeth at the pace that fits your bone biology, and not force it any faster, which could lead to other problems.

Also unique to Candid: The same orthodontist who designs and prescribes your plan tracks your progress—every two weeks, until the end of your treatment. And it’s all done remotely via CandidMonitoring. You scan and upload images of your teeth using your smartphone and the Candid app, and your orthodontist will let you know when it’s time to move to the next step of your smile-straightening plan. Plus, if you have any questions or concerns, you can live chat or call your treatment team seven days a week.

Candid works for mild to moderate misalignments, overcrowding or gaps. If your assigned ortho green-lights your case, you’ll get to see a 3D preview of what your teeth will look like before you commit to treatment. And if you’re not happy at the end, Candid offers a satisfaction guarantee (with some restrictions) that allows you to continue treatment to refine your results. All those perks for thousands less than traditional braces and in-office clear aligner treatments. So, you see, Candid really can make your smile wishes come true.

How Candid Braces Works

Step one: See if you are a candidate. A quick online survey runs through a few basics—what type of problems you have with your teeth (crowded, protruding, spaced or discolored), if you’ve ever worn braces, and whether or not you have a permanent retainer (which prohibits treatment), among others. Pass that initial test and it’s time to give Candid orthodontists a closer look at your teeth for a full assessment.

You have two options to get started: Head to a Candid Studio or order an at-home kit. There are currently 27 Candid Studios spread out over nine states, plus DC (the locations are on their website). Book an appointment, and a member of their team will take a 3D scan of your teeth, photos of your face and mouth, and your dental and medical history to send to an orthodontist in the Candid network for assessment. The appointment is free, takes about a half hour and requires no commitment to buy the invisible braces.

Don’t live near a Candid Studio? No worries. You can purchase an at-home starter kit ($95) that comes with all the how-tos and tools you need to take tooth impressions and photos for an orthodontist to review. If you’re not a candidate for Candid invisible braces or you choose not to proceed with the treatment, you get a full refund.

But if Candid is, in fact, the right fit for you, an orthodontist will get to work creating your personal treatment plan. It takes about two weeks; when it’s ready, all the details and a step-by-step 3D preview of how your teeth will shift throughout treatment are sent to you for review and approval. Like what you see? Give your plan the thumbs up, and Candid will print your aligners for purchase. (A full set of Candid aligners costs $1,895.)

Made from premium thermoplastic, Candid clear aligners are durable, stain-resistant and BPA- and phthalate-free. All the aligners you’ll need for your treatment arrive in one single box, plus a device that connects to your smartphone to help send detailed images for remote monitoring. Before you pop in that first aligner, set up CandidApp and take your first scan. That’s how your assigned orthodontist can keep tabs on your teeth, and your treatment on track. You get an alert when it’s time to take a new scan (every 10 to 14 days), and when you should move on to your next set of aligners. Treatment lengths vary, but on average you’ll change your aligners every two weeks and it takes about six months to finish. With the frequency of CandidMonitoring, your orthodontist may be able to shorten your timeline, based on how quickly you progress.

You’ll wear your aligners 22 hours a day—you can eat and drink in them, just rinse them after. Your invisible braces are designed to be used with Candid’s whitening foam to gently whiten your teeth and freshen your breathe.

To make sure your smile stays perfect after treatment is complete, Candid recommends you wear a retainer indefinitely. Your last set of aligners will serve as your first set of retainers; and after about six weeks, you’ll only need to wear them at night. Retainers should be replaced every six months, and cost $99.

If you’re not satisfied with your outcome, Candid will extend your treatment time as necessary (with policy restrictions).

How Much Do Candid Invisible Aligners Cost?

With Candid, you get the benefit of an orthodontist directing your care—but for thousands less than in-office treatment.

Start your process for free at a Candid Studio, or buy an at-home starter kit for $95 (which may be discounted during promotions, and is totally refundable if the orthodontist assigned to your case deems Candid treatment not a fit for you).

How much does candid braces cost: $1,895. Included in that price is CandidMonitoring—which allows your orthodontist to track your progress every step of the way, without ever setting foot in an office. It also comes with the device you need to scan your teeth, and a bottle of premium whitening foam.

To make your teeth-straightening treatment even more affordable, Candid offers custom financing plans for as low as $65/month with $199 down for 36 months.

Candid treatment is currently in network with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Empire BlueCross, Empire BlueCross BlueShield and Aetna. If you have in-network orthodontic coverage, Candid will deduct the reimbursement from your fee before you begin, which can save you up to $1,300 at checkout.

If your insurance provider is not in-network, you can submit your paperwork to Candid, and they will submit the claim on your behalf. Check with your insurance coverage ahead of time to make sure you have an orthodontic benefit and whether that benefit covers remote treatments.

Candid also accepts payments from your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

Other costs: Candid retainers are $99 per set (including a carrying case and bottle of whitening foam) and should be replaced every six months. If you want extra whitening foam, it’s $25 per bottle.

How Do Candid Invisible Braces Compare?

Not sure if Candid invisible braces are the best fit? Here’s how they stack up against the competition:

Candid Byte Smile Direct Invisalign
Average treatment cost $1,895 $1,895 - $2,295 $1,950 $3,400 - $7,100
Approximate treatment time 6 months 3-4 months 4-6 months 12-18 months
Doctor are all orthodontists Yes No No No
Remote monitoring with orthodontist, every 10 to 14 days Yes No No No
3-D preview of expected results Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insurance coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accepts FSA/HSA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financing available No Yes Yes No
Premium teeth whitening included with aligner purchase Yes Yes No No
Support team 7 days a week Yes Yes Yes No

Why We Love It: The Bottom line

You may pay a little more than you would with some other at-home clear aligner options, but we think Candid’s expert-directed care is worth every penny. That’s because unlike other companies, Candid works exclusively with orthodontists—not general dentists, not cosmetic ones either. When it comes to moving teeth safely and effectively, orthodontists are the experts—period. And the professionals in that Candid network have an average of 20 years of experience.

What that means: You can feel confident in your treatment knowing an actual orthodontist designed and engineered a teeth-straightening plan just for you. And you can find comfort in the fact that that same orthodontist will keep tabs on your treatment, track your progress and direct your care. And that remote monitoring happens often—every 10 to 14 days, and all from the comfort your home, office or really, anywhere.

The Candid process is simple to follow, their aligners are comfortable, and their customer care team is always available to help with any issue or question you have. But the feel-good cherry on top is that the company gives back. For every aligner kit sold, Candid donates $25 to Smile Train, an international non-profit charity that helps provide free cleft lip and palate treatments to children around the world.

About Candid

Founded by 2017, Candid’s mission is to eliminate barriers to orthodontic treatment and make high quality oral care more accessible. Their goal is to empower people to change their lives and express themselves with confidence. Partnering with world-class orthodontist, Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, they created a product that prioritizes care over the bottom line, and developed their patent-pending treatment protocol designed for teledentistry.

Headquartered in New York, Candid promises more than a camera-ready smile. Partnering with Smile Train, Candid is working to help kids smile all around the world, with the goal of supporting cleft treatment for 1,000 children globally.


Justin M.

When I was younger, I used to have a gap in the front and on the side. I noticed people would always look at my mouth first, so I was looking for a fix. Candid ended you being the perfect company for me. You can’t stop me from smiling now. There’s no comparison.

Sharon H.

I wore braces as a teenager. Flash forward 30 years: I had crowding on the bottom, and one of my front teeth actually stiuck ou. Whats when I made the decision to move forward with Candid. And I finally got my confidence back.


I’ve always been bothered by the gap in my front teeth. After 6 short months, it’s gone! The whole process was easy and Candid’s customer service is great! Thank you for giving me back the confidence to smile!

Cameron S

Once I started Candid, my life completely changed. I started going to the gym more, eating better, and I even have better dental hygiene. My goal for my wedding was perfect teeth, and Candi got me there.


Pretty happy with the progress and love the convenience of follow-ups and checkups. I travel a lot for work and sometimes I spend months at a time outside my home state which was previously an obstacle for me to get the treatment that I needed. With Candid, I am able to follow the treatment from anywhere in the world!


Easy to follow and helpful instructions from the website and app. Loving the updates via the app too! The support and packaging of the aligners is outstanding. Highly recommend if you’re looking to do something nice for your smile!


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